Pretty sure Final Fantasy “Fans” are the biggest pricks in the world.

We get a beautiful remaster of X and X-2 including all the content that was originally exclusive to japan for both games.

The fans complain about Tidus’ fucking face.

Really? Is that what we do now?

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    LOL seriously. You can like something and still see it has flaws you know. XD I just said “you know” in a post about...
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    I agree. It seems to have lost some expression, and I am also a little wary about it, but I also know that it may be...
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    And if you’re going to blindly worship them, at least hold them to their own standards. Most people don’t care about the...
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    i know, right? everyone hates on Tidus and i don’t really know why. considering a lot of people [including a couple of...
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    I really don’t understand what the complaining is about. Tidus will always be perfect. I’m so excited about the...
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    Yeah cause god forbid anyone should give honest criticism of something made by a company they respect. You sound like...
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